About sevensphere

sevensphere is Rachid Zarouali's entrepreneurial adventure as a freelancer after more than 20 years of experience in IT. His rich career path, full of technical and human challenges, has allowed him to acquire the necessary skills to effectively support your IT projects and train your teams on new technologies related to the DevOps culture.
Azure / Google Cloud
Legacy Application migration
Technical architecture
Hybrid Platform and Portability
Docker / Kubernetes / Nomad
Technical Architecture,
Application Deployment,
Security and Compliance
Automation / Infra. As Code
Ansible / terraform
infrastructure deployment,
module development
Monitoring / Observability
Grafana & Loki / EFK / Tick (Influxdb)
Monitoring, Alerting,
APM, Observabiity, Capacity planning
Gitlab / Azure Devops
Continuous Integration and Deployment,
End-to-End Testing,
Technical and Functional Testing
AquaSec / NeuVector / Sysdig Vulnerability Scanning,
Behavioural Analysis,
Digital Integrity Checking

Service Offering

sevensphere's service offering is designed to support the success of your IT projects, whatever their stage of progress. It revolves around 3 main areas that can meet all your needs, whatever your business activity.
sevensphere supports you, whether it is a cloud transition or a company's technological strategy. In project management or in assistance to project management, sevensphere will support you to guarantee the success of your project.
sevensphere can provide your teams with training in modern technologies associated with the devops culture (container, infrastructure as code, ...). all the training courses are modular and can be adapted to your context if necessary.
sevensphere works with several private universities to train students in the new technologies related to the devops culture.


Container migration strategy
Fortune 500 Food & Beverage
Senior SRE Infrastructure/Database
NBS System
Instructor Devops course
IPI Lyon
Docker / Kubernetes training
Airbus DS
Terraform Training
Ansible Automation
Airbus Helicoptère

Ansible Azure Deployment
Ing Bank
Azure Kubernetes Architecture
Luxury Industry
Observability Platforming
Elia Group


"We have asked sevensphere to help us on many occasions and for totally different projects.
Beyond Rachid's strong technical skills, the real difference lies in his involvement
and his perfect integration in our environment.
Throughout the projects, he worked with us as if he were a permanent member of the team.
Also because we owe sevensphere a debt of gratitude, we will call on him again as soon as possible."
Emile Heitor
CTO / NBS System
"Rachid worked in my teams as a DEVOPS architect for over a year. I really appreciated his ability to provide expert advice and his service-oriented, industrialised approach during the rebuild of our e-commerce infrastructure, for which he played a decisive role."
Yann Condemine
Head of Digital IT / Luxury Industry
"Rachid brought his expertise to a complex e-commerce overhaul project with great skill, and very quickly integrated himself into a multidisciplinary team. His ability to analyse, his sharp 360° vision of the various technologies on the market and his ability to put forward proposals enabled us to make rapid progress in critical situations.
Personally and professionally, I very much hope to repeat the experience and work with him on new programmes."
Matthias Montangerand
Program | Project Director / Luxury Industry
"Working with Rachid is a real chance, because from a technical point of view his great knowledge helped me to make the right choices. His professionalism, his availability and his benevolence make him a precious collaborator.
Finally, humanly speaking, Rachid is a very pleasant person, honest and straightforward, who will know how to gain your trust."
Karim Galloul
CDO / Wimova


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